It looks like Fox News has a troll called FOX Online...and they're making them look even less credible if you can believe that. It seems to be some sort of an anti-marijuana propaganda site parading around the Internet trying to make people think they are legitimate by stealing the name FOX News -- we'll call that critical error number one. Critical error number two is proposing a statement so ludicrous people actually laugh at you.

FOX ONLINE [verbatim]

"Marijuana smoking shown to cause major deformities.A new study just released,found proof that smoking small amounts of marijuana can cause massive and irreversible deformation of the hands,feet,and genitals of the smoker.The study which started in January of 2014 and ran until May first,was the most extensive and far reaching study of its kind in scientific history.As many as 13 people were studied over a period of nearly 5 months,and almost one billion dollars was spent on the study.The latest technology and chemical assay was used in the study.The funding for the study was provided by a conglomerate of multinational pharmaceutical companies and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.The results of the study were so shocking that it was halted less than 5 months after it started.Dr.Jack T.Ripper of the Sam Houston Institute of Technology in Deadog Texas,who ran the study,was so horrified that he felt that he must end the study and give back nearly 1% of the billion dollar grant money he received for the study.One woman in the study,had her foot turn completely inside out after smoking less than one Marijuana cigarette or joint as it is referred to by addicts.One mans penis shrunk down to the size of a kitchen match and he committed suicide by drinking gasoline.Another man had his fingers and toes grow in size while other shrank.One woman said she could not remember her name or address or who Bill O'Riely is."

Sampling of readers' comments:

-"If this is the best fight they have against legalization of weed then they are completely failing!"

-"Too funny. You might want to take this down because some idiot is going to believe this story."

-"The funny thing is, I can't tell whether this is determining how many people believe this is an actual story, or how many people believe it's real because Fox News posts such moronic shit that it seems like it's a genuine article. Either way, if you get angry about this, you've been made to look like a fool."

-What an absolute pile of shit! Haha, seriously though!

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