While there are a number of safe and effective methods available to assist stoners with passing the pesky drug test, there are also some bogus and extremely dangerous home-style clean pee remedies floating around on Internet that should be avoided.

Just ask 54-year-old Pam Pertl of Bunker Hill, Kansas, who is destined to spend some time in prison after forcing several of her foster children to consume a solution of milk and bleach in an attempt to keep social workers from discovering their marijuana use.

Reports from the Russell County Sheriff’s Department indicate that officers were called out to the Kansas Department of Children and Families because Pertl and three of the teenage foster children in her care tested positive for marijuana. It was during an investigation that authorities discovered that Pertl and the teens had drank a hazardous concoction of milk and bleach in hopes of passing a drug test.

“They were trying to use the bleach to be able to clean up their urinary analysis,” Undersheriff Max Barrett told The Associated Press.

Wait a minute – can drinking bleach actually help a person pass a drug test?

While there are a number of documents on the Internet that claim drinking small amounts of diluted bleach the day before a drug screen will result in a negative test for marijuana, there is actually a greater chance this method will hurt or kill you before it ever yields a squeaky clean urinalysis.

It is true that a small amount of bleach diluted in water is not hazardous to a person’s health; after all, the chemical is used by most city water treatment facilities to purify drinking water. Yet, a misunderstanding of the appropriate bleach to water ratio can lead to less than desirable results. In fact, if a person consumes just a few milliliters of bleach, they run the risk of burning their nose and throat, as well as being tortured by explosive diarrhea and excruciating vomiting. In high doses, it is fatal.

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