Former NFL Oakland Raiders defensive end Jarvis Moss was busted last week after police say a routine traffic stop turned into a roadside bud buffet.

According to a report by TMZ Sports, after witnessing a gold Buick weaving in and out of traffic on January 13, Florida police decided to leap into action by sneaking in behind the reckless vehicle and bringing it to a halt with the dreaded red, white and blues.

When officers approached the vehicle, they noticed that both the driver and passenger, who turned out to be 29-year-old one time NFL Draft pick Jarvis Moss, were "chewing intently, more than a person would that was chewing a piece of bubble gum."

Much to their surprise, the two men were not enjoying a chew between friends, but actually in the process of making a last ditch effort to devour every last morsel of marijuana in the car before the fuzz tapped on the window.

Unfortunately, for Moss, neither he nor the driver had strong enough chops to eat the entire stash of weed before being accosted by officers. In fact, when officers asked Moss to show them what he was eating, they caught an impressive glimpse of the "large pieces of cannabis in his mouth that he was attempting to chew and swallow."

Yet, Moss did what anyone in that situation should always do: deny, deny, deny. Regardless of being caught pot mouthed and red handed, both Moss and driver insisted they were chewing on “dip,” not trying to scarf down a felonious amount of weed.

The two men were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence.

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