Law enforcement officers have banded together to oppose medical marijuana in Florida. The Florida Sheriffs Association is working to defeat a proposed medical cannabis amendment on the ballot this November.

Polls suggest that Amendment 2 – an initiative to legalize medical marijuana – will easily pass this November. However, the FSA is hoping their campaign, called “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot,” will convince voters to oppose the measure.

The group’s website attempts to manipulate parental apprehension over the issue with bold text reading:

“Your child could soon find easier access to marijuana. Help us prevent that.”

FSA President Sheriff Grady Judd says “[Amendment 2] would allow teenagers to obtain medical marijuana; this amendment allows caregivers with the only restriction that they’re 21 years of age. They themselves can be drug dealers, convicted felons or your next-door neighbors.”

Or, they could be legitimately licensed medical pot providers.

The FSA is requesting donations through their website with the hope of raising money for an “educational campaign.” The group must compete with United for Care, the organization behind Amendment 2, which is primarily funded by multi-millionaire attorney John Morgan.  

Morgan didn’t express concern over the Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot campaign. “We’re talking about very, very sick people having access to something that works,” Morgan said.

A Republican Florida Senate poll released in March found that 78 percent of those in GOP-stronghold districts favor Amendment 2. Other polls report overall support ranging from 64 to 70 percent for legalizing medical pot in the Sunshine State. The measure requires 60 percent approval at the ballot to pass.