While out on the farm tipping bulls, sometimes you run the risk of being hit in the ear with a little pig shit because a scared jackass just won’t stop kicking.

Such is the case today after Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd published a misguided piece of commentary in a Florida newspaper labeling the state’s medical marijuana initiative a “sham,” aimed at deceiving voters into legalizing cannabis for the stoned downtrodden of the state.

“If you thought the medical marijuana initiative was intended to truly help those debilitated by serious diseases, think again,” writes Judd. “This is straight out of the pot-legalization playbook from other states. Yet I believe Floridians are smarter than these pot-promoting hucksters think.”

Judd pleads his case against medical marijuana by explaining that the federal government considers marijuana a highly dangerous substance and does not stand behind claims that cannabis is effective as medicine. Yet, he fails to mention that in a recent HIGH TIMES article entitled “The Government Knows Marijuana Is a Medicinal Plant,” we discovered that the United States government has owned the patent on cannabinoids since 2003, when federal research concluded that cannabis was one of the most medicinal plants in the world.

In addition to using old news to support his argument against medical marijuana, Judd, apparently a booze man, steps across a controversial line, claiming that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in marijuana, is responsible for an causing an overall increase in motor vehicle related crashes -- never once giving America’s most popular drug, alcohol, credit where credit is due.

“Use of marijuana has shown to be a contributor toward increased injuries and deaths from impaired driving and, out of the 20 states with the highest rates of drugged driving, 15 of them were states where legislation passed or ballot initiatives prevailed increasing access to pot,” writes Judd.

However, Judd fails to mention that recent studies have shown that the greatest single drug risk on the American roadways -- and yes, the last time we checked that included Florida -- is alcohol.

Still, Judd appears hell bent on the concept that medical marijuana users will undoubtedly transform Florida into the Babylon of the south, full of hooligans, junkies and other common riff-raff intent on destroying the Sunshine State.

“Allowing medical marijuana will generate a cycle of problems. Teens will have marijuana readily available to them, creating the potential of addiction, while industrial accidents could create an increase in workers’ compensation cases. Traffic crashes from drivers high on marijuana will certainly increase. Floridians could find property values decrease in areas where pot shops and production occur.”

Judd ends his desperate rant by sending what he calls a “clear message” to those playing off the sympathy of bamboozled voters in an attempt to legalize medical marijuana: “No we will not be duped, and no we do not want to legalize marijuana!”

Apparently, Sheriff Judd missed another important HIGH TIMES article published earlier this year titled, “Poll: 70 Percent of Floridians Support Medical Marijuana,” in which it states that, well, most residents of Florida DO want to legalize cannabis for medicinal use.

Sorry, Sheriff.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup; facebook.com/mikeadams73.