The Supreme Court of Florida rendered an advisory opinion to the Florida Attorney General yesterday, stating that the citizen-based initiative to legalize medical marijuana was valid. This substantial move will allow voters to decide whether medical marijuana will be legalized in the Sunshine State.

The ballot measure allows for restricted use of pot for what recommending physicians believe to be a “serious medical condition or disease,” in circumstances when patient benefit will outweigh the risks.  Presently permitted under  the “debilitating” conditions banner is Crohn’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, ALS, MS, Parkinsons, and “other conditions which the physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for the patient.”

The measure also allows for “personal caregivers,” who may arrange and assist with the treatment of up to five qualifying patients at any given time, but forbids the “on-site” usage of medical cannabis in the workplace, educational facilities, or to be consumed in public.

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