A Florida judge who created a “drug court” to divert misdemeanor pot users into treatment allegedly came to the courtroom so inebriated she had to be removed from the premises by a chief judge and landed in rehab two days later.

On December 17, Broward County Judge Gisele Pollack, 55, abruptly adjourned a misdemeanor drug hearing after only 90 minutes, apparently because she was very, very drunk.

When her staff tried to prevent her from taking the bench, Judge Pollack allegedly yelled at them: “F*** you, you’re fired!”

Later, Judge Pollack reportedly demanded her car keys be returned to her, started crying, screamed at an assistant and caused such a ruckus that Chief Judge Peter Weinstein had to be called out of a meeting to personally remove her from the courtroom.

To her credit, Judge Pollack, who has served for nine years, previously acknowledged her drinking problem and admitted she suffered a relapse. She told the press on Dec 19 that she was voluntarily entering "an intense outpatient program.” It is unknown if Pollack’s situation and absence will have an effect on the progressive-minded pot court she founded.