The first marijuana vending machine made an appearance over the weekend at Colorado's Herbal Elements dispensary in Eagle-Vail.

The machine, called the ZaZZZ, uses biometrics to verify a customer's age, is climate-controlled to keep its product fresh and is currently aimed for use only by medical marijuana patients. You will be able to find the machine in licensed stores, where it will serve a purpose like that of an automated checkout line at a grocery, reports state.

"We're going to eliminate the middle man," Herbal Elements owner Greg Honan says. Describing the vending machine's benefits, Honan added that the snacks will go directly "to our budtender, right into the machine. There's no room for theft by patients, by employees -- there's no way to lose track of the inventory."

The ZaZZZ isn't the only marijuana vending machine out there. Both Arizona's and California's have made headlines for their efforts to streamline pot sales. But as far as we've seen, those companies' products are kept behind stores' counters -- for now, at least..