The federal government’s stepped-up war on medical marijuana dispensaries in California came north on Tuesday to sleepy Solano County as DEA agents - in conjunction with state and local authorities - raided Greenwell Cooperative in Vallejo. Greenwell’s operator and founder Matthew Shotwell was the only person arrested following the raid that occurred after 9 a.m.  
Both employees and medicinal cannabis patients on the premises were detained by officials, which curiously included agents from California’s Franchise Tax Board as well as the Board of Equalization (which administers state sales taxes), the latter declining to explain their presence to the Vallejo Times-Herald.  
Shotwell was subsequently booked into Solano County jail and the temporarily confined employees and patients were released from the Greenwell property after twelve noon. One employee reported that the DEA had “stripped down” all of the cannabis plants from the dispensary. The Times-Herald quoted Vallejo City Councilwoman Marti Brown, a staunch advocate for pot patients’ rights, as responding bluntly: "I'm annoyed ... The DEA and the state government should just stay out of things."  

Greenwell Cooperative is one of an estimated 25 medical cannabis dispensaries that operate in Solano County’s most populated town. And perhaps those other 24 medicinal pot businesses should be worried, because Vallejo Police Lt. Ken Weaver told the Times-Herald that the activities Greenwell Cooperative was targeted for are similar to those of the remaining operating dispensaries. 


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