US Forest Service agents busted an illegal pot plantation on federal land on Colorado on Friday, destroying between 250 and 500 plants.

A bow hunter who discovered the clandestine grow farm, located about two miles above Hay Creek Falls south of Redstone, several weeks ago and reported it to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. In the fall, when water levels are low, Hay Creek Falls is a popular hiking trail in the Redstone area, but the farm was in a remote area of the park, making it unlikely that a casual hiker could discover it.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, even though the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes has been legal in Colorado since the year 2000 and recreational marijuana was legalized here in 2012 with the passage of Amendment 64. No pot is allowed on federal land even in states where the herb is legal.

Exactly when the last illegal pot farm was discovered in the national forest around Aspen is unclear. Scott Fitzwilliams, supervisor for the White River National Forest, told the Aspen Daily his agency hadn’t made any local pot busts during his four-year tenure.

“[This one] is certainly a little surprising, at that high elevation,” he said. I really don’t know if this is anything out of the ordinary.”