Has it really come to this? It seems that with marijuana legalization legislation popping up in states across the country, the coppers are feeling backed into a corner. In one of their most despicable ploys yet, a number of agencies in Southern California have been deploying undercover cops into high schools with the mission of befriending teens, gaining their trust, and entrapping them into selling small amounts of marijuana so that they can arrest them. 

This time it occurred at Perris and Menifee high schools where on 12/12/13, undercover cops who had been embedded in the high schools since the beginning of the year arrested over two dozen students on charges surrounding marijuana, hashish, and various other drugs. The remaining student population was thrown into a frenzy of distrust for both their school and their classmates as each one wondered who the cops were.

The Snodgrass family explains that they were so happy when their son (who has autism) finally made a friend in school. They later found out that this new "friend" began hounding their son for pills, drugs, and other substances. Under their noses, low and behold, their son bought some marijuana to appease his supposed "friend." Now their son has been arrested as a part of the sting operation. "Certain parts of my son have been damaged in ways that I think will be permanent," Doug Snodgrass told The Huffington Post. Despicable!

The Snodgrass family is fighting back against the charges as well as suing the school district among other entities. Unfortunately this story is far too common with stories of cops infiltrating high schools and making busts for minor possession and sales charges.

You, the police, are more dangerous to our children than marijuana. Stay away!