The University of Mississippi was selected in 1968 as the United States' first, and only, legal marijuana farm since the drug became illegal in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Act. [Only about four people are still enrolled in the federal medical marijuana program, which allows them to smoke in every single one of our 50 fine states whenever and wherever they so please.]

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) presides over the cultivation, production and distribution of these crops -- even going so far as to order a thousand glorious pounds of green ganja for "current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana," for the year of 2014 as reads a recent Federal Register's statement from the DEA. Research, eh? 

USA Today described the scene upon entering: "Inside the marijuana research lab at Ole Miss, the potent smell of marijuana lingers in the air. The grow room, housing plants that are up to six feet tall, buzzes with the sound of heat lamps and ventilation systems. The entire complex is surrounded by multiple guard towers, two enormous barbed wire fences and countless security cameras."

Below is a collection of photos from visitors of the facility. Behold, in all of its glory, the only federally legal marijuana in the United States:

Photos belong the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy -- MCT