Michigan lawmakers recently passed a number of bills that will serve to relax the state’s medical marijuana laws.

Earlier last week, the state's House of Representatives approved two bills, one that would allow individual communities to regulate their own dispensaries and a second that would make it legal for medical marijuana patients to use edible products and topicals.

The marijuana edibles -- nicknamed “medibals” -- bill, HB 5104, passed on a 100-9 vote. It would allow for the manufacture and sale of brownies, oils and other forms of medical marijuana. The bill would help medical marijuana users, especially children, who have a hard time smoking pot.

“This is a historic bill that represents creating a better usage of medical marijuana and calls for better and safer access to medical marijuana,” said state Representative Mike Callton.

Most supporters’ agree that the marijuana edibles bill is destined to become one of the most important pieces of state marijuana legislation, as it will provide greater access for medical marijuana patients.

“Various interpretations of the medical marijuana law have restricted access for patients,” said state Representative Eileen Kowall, who sponsored the measure. “This bill gives patients the flexibility to choose a delivery method that best suits them. This is a quality of life issue.”

The Senate is expected to deliberate on these bills at the first of the year.