While it's upsetting to hear that Amsterdam might outlaw super-high-THC strains, it's certainly better than the status quo here in the USA. Reuters reports: Tourists who flock to Amsterdam to smoke cannabis in its "coffee shops" without fear of prosecution may find their choice curtailed as part of a proposed review of liberal Dutch drug laws. The Dutch government is considering a ban on the sale of highly potent strains of cannabis under the proposed review, cabinet sources said on Tuesday. The center-right government in the Netherlands, where cannabis smokers can openly buy and smoke the drug in hundreds of government-regulated "coffee shops," is to discuss the proposed review in cabinet on Thursday. The government wants to determine if hashish and marijuana with a very high content of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active compound in cannabis, should be reclassified as "hard" rather than "soft" drugs, cabinet sources said.