Here at HIGH TIMES we’re on the receiving end of many a helpful email chock-full of suggestions for bettering our publication. Some of these proposals are better than others. However, there is one idea we hear more often than any other – an idea that’s been suggested to us for as long as anyone working here can remember: scratch-and-sniff centerfolds.


While there are a number of reasons such a thing is not feasible for HIGH TIMES, it appears Dutch authorities are prepared to make use of scratch-and-sniff technology.


According to reports, about 30,000 Dutch households will be given an 8” x 4” card which, when scratched, emits an odor resembling that of cannabis. Authorities say the cards are intended “to help people recognise what cannabis smells like.”


No, it’s not a friendly reminder from the government; it’s an attempt to get citizens to report illegal marijuana cultivation. In addition to the scratch-and-sniff component, the cards also contain “a police number people can call if they suspect that a neighbour grows marijuana on a large scale.”


Authorities are not concerned with smaller grows (up to five plants) for personal consumption but rather large scale, illegal “cannabis plantations.”


The cards also include a list of marijuana cultivation indicators like “buzzing sound ventilators, suspicious connections to electricity and supply points and curtains that are kept closed.”


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