Bolivian drug traffickers bumbled badly when they threw a million dollars out of a plane right into the hands of narcotics officers.

Bolivian authorities intercepted the haul of $1,000,000 in US bills when it was dropped from a low-flying plane in eastern Santa Cruz province. The cash was intended for on-the-ground pickup by members of the drug trafficking gang. Authorities believe the money was to build a cocaine production center, or to set up a fake business front for the trafficking operation. The drop missed its target, however, and narcotics officers swooped in, seizing the money and making three arrests. They also seized guns and vehicles near the town of Rincon del Tigre as part of the bust.

Bolivian police have been monitoring the gang, which is believed to operate in several countries. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Bolivia is one of the world’s biggest cocaine producers along with Peru and Colombia. Small amounts of coca leaf production are legal in the country, where it is used to treat the effects of altitude sickness, but the production of cocaine is banned.