Sudden Clarity Clarence

You know when you're deep in it...everything gels, you feel perfect, your mind starts to click, and Click, and CLICK and BAM! You've finally figured it out!!! Well, that exact moment was captured by AAP Image photographer Dean Saffron at the Schoolies festival on Queensland's Gold Coast on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009.

Who was this psychonaut whose synapses clicked so perfectly that day? Well, it's still up for debate but my money is on redditor duckareokay because he attempted to own up to being the deep thinker a couple years ago, and sure as hell is the spitting image.

Anywho, after being captured in Australia, the photo didn't go anywhere until November 23rd, 2011 when redditor NorthernSkeptic single-handedly created the meme with the simply titled Introducing Sudden Clarity Clarence

As usual, after reddit, that shit went viral.

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