Good Guy Greg

His true origins are rumor only as the original post can't be found, but he surfaced in April of 2011 on The Canvas with the caption "This is Good Guy Greg."

On May 19th, 2011, GGG hit Quickmeme, the first of which sets up his total good-guy-ness:

Cool Guy Hangs Out with Internet
The tubes plays with him a bunch, he lands in Urban Dictionary, then chills out on all sorts of sites setting a good example for all of us to aspire to. Such a good example in fact, he even got his own spin-off meme: Good Guy Grog.

Nice Guy Poses for Jokes, Laughs at Self

Thanks for the great info man, got any more?

-Sure! Here he is on Tumblr

-Yeah Buddy! Check out his cool Facebook page

-BTW, I found a ton of smart info at Know Your Meme

Maybe We Could All Do This Together!

Greg encourages you to make one, says your version is the funniest