Last week marijuana advocates were excited to hear that a pro-marijuana advertisement would air on a jumbotron just outside of NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis over the weekend. The ad was to run 72 over a three-day period for the hundreds of thousands of fans attending the race. Unfortunately, the ad was pulled after running just a few times last Friday.

Mason Tvert, Marijuana Policy Project director of communications, created the advertisement, which promotes pot as being safer than alcohol.

According to Tvert, the Drug Free America Foundation pressured Grazie Media – the company that owns the jumbotron – to kill the ad. Grazie Media had already approved the content and accepted payment of $2,200 (the “non-profit” ad rate) from MPP.

“They are not allowing discussion about the fact that marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol,” Tvert told HIGH TIMES. While alcohol is widely consumed and advertised at NASCAR events, it was apparently “Too provocative to have an ad discussing that fact that marijuana is less toxic and far less likely to contribute to violent and aggressive behavior.”

When asked to respond to Drug Free America Foundation executive director Calvina Fay’s assertion that MPP “falsely claims” marijuana is safer than alcohol, Tvert told HIGH TIMES:

“It’s incredibly irresponsible for anyone … to be claiming that marijuana’s somehow as harmful or more harmful than alcohol when alcohol use alone kills about 37,000 Americans each year … Clearly these groups are clutching at straws at this point to justify their stance that alcohol use and promotion should be accepted but marijuana somehow is not safe enough for adults to use responsibly.”

Listen to Tvert’s interview on the HIGH TIMES News Hit.

View the ad in question below.