Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a shining example of a mainstream voice that has been turned to the dank side, especially when it's for medical purposes. The Emmy-winning chief medical correspondent fro CNN even has a strain of weed named after him. Having traveled a long way from 2009's “Why I Would Vote No on Pot,” Gupta has since aired a documentary entitled Weed in which he took a good, hard look at marijuana and its medicinal value. 

Now, Gupta is following up Weed eight months later with WEED 2:  Cannabis Madness:  Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports. He writes: 

"It's been eight months since I last wrote about medical marijuana, apologizing for having not dug deeply into the beneficial effects of this plant and for writing articles dismissing its potential. I apologized for my own role in previously misleading people, and I feel very badly that people have suffered for too long, unable to obtain the legitimate medicine that may have helped them."

"Since our documentary "Weed" aired in August, I have continued to travel the world, investigating and asking tough questions about marijuana.I have met with hundreds of patients, dozens of scientists and the curious majority who simply want a deeper understanding of this ancient plant. I have sat in labs and personally analyzed the molecules in marijuana that have such potential but are also a source of intense controversy. I have seen those molecules turned into medicine that has quelled epilepsy in a child and pain in a grown adult. I've seen it help a woman at the peak of her life to overcome the ravages of multiple sclerosis."

Tune in to CNN on Tuesday March 11 at 10:00pm ET to see Dr. Sanjay Gupta's updated exploration of medical marijuana.