TV personality. Best-selling author. Psychiatrist. Fear mongering imbecile? It seems that Dr. Keith Ablow has succumbed to the lowest form of media: spreading irrational fear based on a personal belief on a topic he clearly is not well enough versed or researched on to make a valid argument. In his recent piece for FoxNews entitled "America ill-prepared for marijuana mayhem," the Doc makes a number of outrageous, and at times downright incorrect statements. In fact, we'd counter that Dr. Keith Ablow is ill-prepared for writing for the public. We'll take you through just a few of his statements as evidence:

Point: "Marijuana is not harmless and will lead many millions of people into addiction, depression, psychosis, anxiety and lack of motivation."
Counterpoint: Marijuana is harmless and there are any number of things that lead people into addiction, psychosis, anxiety and lack of motivation.

Point: "Research studies show that cannabis users are at a 40 percent increased risk of psychosis. Research studies show that marijuana may well be a risk factor for schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders."
Counterpoint: We've seen that in the media, but we prefer to get our research from sources like the Harvard Medical School and the Journal of the International Neuropsychological SocietyWe'll sum up their conclusions for you: FALSE.

Point: "I support legalizing marijuana, because I do not support the government making the decision whether people use it or not."
Counterpoint: Well...agreed.

Point: "There is no chance, whatsoever, that the states which have legalized medical marijuana (never mind recreational marijuana) are policing its use in any real way."
Counterpoint: Why don't you take a read through the news coming out of Colorado -- policing is effective and happening on a legitimate level for both medical and recreational marijuana.

So Dr. Keith Ablow, we challenge you to do your research and get the facts straight...or else you can go Ablow yourself with this fear mongering.

Read Dr. Keith Ablow's full piece "America ill-prepared for marijuana mayhem" here...