Just when you thought Rihanna couldn't be any more expressive in her love of weed, she sent an Instagram picture of herself in Amsterdam over the weekend with her luscious lips clenching a pair of monster-sized doobies that even the sturdiest stoner would be hard-pressed to smoke down. Posting under her Instagram handle of "badgalriri" with the accompanying text that read: "I'm just a girl. #Amsterdam," she also forwarded a photo of herself inhaling from a more subtle blunt with the apt hashtag of "#legalizeit" 

Rihanna has previously shared many smoking pics, but none have ever been this ambitious. Perhaps she was inspired while in the pot-capital of Europe. No word if Rihanna actually smoked down the giant joints or had help.

While some fans and media have criticized Rihanna and her pot shots for not projecting the image of a "good role model," it begs the question: Is a proper role model someone who lies about who they really are and what they honestly enjoy?

As far as we're concerned, Rihanna should keep on smoking -- and posting pics -- because her beauty and passion for pot should be shared as often as possible.