A medical marijuana dispensary owner in Newport Beach, Calif., was kidnapped and tortured when a group of people thought he was going to the desert to bury large sums of cash.

The torture went so far, that one of the culprits cut off the penis of the dispensary owner. Let's call him DO.

This insane story began when DO took some of his pot suppliers to Las Vegas last year for an extravagant weekend. Lots of money was thrown around. So much, in fact, that one of the supply owners got ideas.

After the trip, Kyle Shirakawa Handley, 34,  told some friends that the dispensary owner was extremely wealthy and they came up with a plan to kidnap and rob him, according to a statement from the county district attorney's office and Newport Beach police.

Four weeks before the kidnapping, the would-be robbers began shadowing DO, following him on frequent trips he made to the desert outside of Palm Springs. The supply clowns thought the DO was driving there "to bury large amounts of cash," according to the statement.

Fast-forward to the kidnapping: everyone goes to the desert to force DO into revealing the location of the buried cash. The rest plays out like a bad horror film:

1. Throughout the drive, they allegedly burned DO with a blowtorch.
2. At the spot where the men believed DO had hidden his money, they cut off his penis, poured bleach on him in an effort to destroy any DNA evidence and dumped him and the woman on the side of the road, authorities alleged.
3. The three men then drove away with DO's penis so that it couldn't be reattached, authorities claimed.
4. "The woman ran over a mile to a main road in the dark, while still bound with zip ties, and flagged down a police car," according to the statement.
5. The man survived his injuries.

What the hell you guys?