A disabled veteran is bringing the fight for marijuana legalization in North Carolina straight to the cops. That is to say he actually called the cops on himself for growing marijuana in his backyard. Robert Dorr wants to bring the legal battle to a head for medical marijuana and his fellow veterans are backing him up. "Mr. Dorr is a very braved disabled veteran who had decided instead of hiding in the corner and use cannabis and feel like a criminal to let people know this is medicine," said Perry Parks, a retired army veteran of 29 years. 

Dorr is out to change the laws in North Carolina for medicinal use. "This is something that's unfolding around the country. It's not about a person trying to make a point or prove he's right," says Dorr, "It's essentially this is how justice unfolds when there's been legislative error." The Union County Sheriff has said that it will have to wait and see if a jury decides to convict Mr. Dorr, but they've built a case against him in the meantime. 

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