During Spring Break, a Wyoming college student fell to his death from the balcony of a Holiday Inn in northeast Denver, and city authorities are citing a marijuana-infused cookie as contributing to the accident.

On Wednesday, the Denver coroner said Levy Thamba’s death was caused by “multiple injuries due to a fall from height,” and also listed “marijuana intoxication” from the edible as a significant condition contributing to the death.

Thamba’s marijuana concentration in his blood was just over seven nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood. In impaired driving cases, state law sets a standard of five nanograms per milliliter at which juries can presume impairment.

Thamba’s death is the first publicized incident since legal sales of recreational marijuana began in Colorado that authorities have linked to marijuana intoxication. But police have not yet released their investigation records of Thamba’s death, making it difficult to determine where the marijuana cookie was purchased or how long after consuming it Thamba died.

“It’s shocking, so sad,” Emelee Volden, the intercultural program manager at the college told the Powell Tribune last month. “He made such an impression in so short an amount of time.”