CBS Denver is reporting that students at Lakewood High School are using vape pens to secretly smoke marijuana in class.

“I’ve seen people in my math class and they’ll be sitting there with the teacher and they’ll be smoking it and they won’t even know,” Jack Maestas, a student at Lakewood High, told CBS.

Yes folks, that's right! Vape pens have caused teenagers to smoke marijuana in school for the first time in history. The horror! From the story, "When [the vape pens are] used for marijuana there’s no 'skunk' smell, which makes it easy for students to bring them to school."

According to the story, teachers are looking for signs that teens are using a vape pens in school. "The nervous habit of biting on your pen has a new meaning to it,” Principal Ron Castagna told CBS. Really? "biting a pen?" How about those clouds of smoke in the classroom?

Best of all is the description CBS has of vaping, courtesy of Tim Martinez, Lakewood High campus security supervisor. “You can use them for weed, hash oil. Pens that come with capsules with weed in them, melts the plastic and cooks the weed."

Right. That's exactly how it works. Thanks for the knowledgeable reporting CBS Denver!