Denver officials say there may not be enough retail weed slingers in all of Colorado to meet the demand of stoners champing at the bit to take advantage of the city’s first official day of legalized recreational marijuana.

With less than a month before New Year's, city council members are voicing some concerns stemming from the predicted onslaught of potheads and curious members of mile-high society planning to hit the green streets of Denver on January 1 to take part in the historic event.

Even though more than 100 outlets have received licensing approval from the state, red tape has resulted in only a small number of retail marijuana stores opening in Denver on New Year’s Day -- approximately 12 will open for business.

Much of the red tape is mired in licensing delays, which may lead to residents and visitors standing in line for extended periods in record cold climates.

City Officials fear that a veritable Thunderdome will be unleashed on the day recreational marijuana is officially and legally made available to the public.

“If we have 10 stores open … we could have people camping out overnight with cash in their pocket,” said council member Charlie Brown. “How is the industry and the the police department going to work together?”

Councilman Brown says that while he definitely has some concerns, the problems that Denver is facing are all part of the learning curve that comes with being trendsetters for the rest of the nation. “In 22 days, whether you like it or not, the image of our city will change,” he said. “And if we need to make adjustments we will. This is not the end. This is, frankly, the beginning.”

Lucky for Denver we cannaisseurs are a peaceful folk. All you planning to head out to Denver: Keep your cool, love your fellow man and prepare for a proper shitshow.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;