Why do certain politicians feel the need to countermand the will of the people, when the people have successfully changed laws to suit their will?


Take Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. He was never a fan of Amendment 64 in Colorado, the historic initiative that brought legal pot to Colorado, and recommended moving slowly to implement the measure. Now Hancock has asked the Denver City Council to ban marijuana clubs in the city as well as create a two-year moratorium on new pot business licenses. Hancock says that, as a father and a grandparent, he wants to make sure the city can set up “rigorous new standards to protect neighborhoods.”


We’re not sure what that means. Being a father and grandfather has absolutely nothing to do with an adult’s right to use pot recreationally in Colorado. Furthermore, neighborhoods don’t need protection. A wealth of research has already proved that neighborhoods with marijuana dispensaries experience a reduction in crime.


Denver attorney Rob Corry, a top marijuana defense lawyer, weighed in: “[I’m] surprised that a mayor of a major city could make the serious suggestion, in a free country, to prohibit groups of citizens from gathering together to associate and conduct activities that are legal under Colorado law. If somehow the city can prohibit the exercise of the constitutional right of association, then these private clubs will simply move to the last place the government cannot touch them, private homes; a neighborhood near you, where children live, untaxed, unregulated."


Back in October, Hancock revealed his bias – and his ignorance: “I do firmly believe it's a gateway drug. I also think it's the wrong message we want to send our children that it's okay for them to consume or use marijuana. We don't want to be the first state in this nation that legalizes marijuana. I believe we will lose our attractiveness to companies, employers who want to come to our state. Tourism is the number-one industry for the City of Denver, number two in the state of Colorado, and I believe that sector will be disproportionately harmed with the perception that Denver is the marijuana capital.”


What are you talking about? The gateway theory has been disproved a thousand times over. And as far as the message that our children receive, isn’t it possible that Coors Field where the Colorado Rockies play, sends a specific message about the pleasures of beer?  


And as far as tourism is concerned, let’s wait and see. The whole world wants to come to Colorado! Why wouldn’t it? Adults can use cannabis freely without fear of arrest. The state will reap the benefits for years to come.

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