Denver police have been ordered to keep those in attendance of this weekend’s 420 event at Civic Center Park from paying tribute to their stoner heritage the only way they know how -- smoking weed. Reports indicate that city officials are still nervous about the annual cannabis celebration after a shooting last year injured a couple of people.

Fear of violence has not stopped the powers that be from putting their stamp of approval on liquor sales during the festival. The McNichols Building located on the grounds of the Civic Center Complex will provide space for liquor sales and consumption, according to Denver Westword.

Denver police spokesman, Sonny Jackson, says the department has beefed up its force and plans to control the event.

"There will be a large police presence in the downtown area at the event," Jackson told the Denver Westword. "What I can tell you is that officers will be patrolling the area to ensure the safety of the public -- people involved in the festival and people traveling nearby.”

Although, Jackson says officers have been instructed to discourage participants from smoking weed during the festivities, the force has been told to use proper discretion when shaking down offenders. "We want people to respect the laws and the ordinances," said Jackson. "Voters said marijuana was legal and we respect that. And we also want people to respect the laws as written -- and the law says not to smoke publicly. But we want to exercise discretion for the safety of everyone involved."

In Colorado, public consumption of marijuana is considered a petty offense with a penalty of 15 days in jail and a maximum fine of $100, according to NORML. To avoid the unnecessary hassle, we suggest taking along a stash of edibles, which are legal in the state.

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