Four Los Angeles-based medical marijuana dispensaries were raided on Tuesday morning by the DEA and LAPD. The joint federal/municipal operation raided the Black Rose dispensary in Fairfax, Downtown Medical Caregivers off Main Street, Washington and Western Medical Group in Harvard Heights and Herbman in Exposition Park. Two homes in Beverly Hills were also raided, and in the process authorities seized an unspecified amount of cash and cannabis along with a handgun, according to the DEA.

An unidentified male allegedly owns all four dispensaries, however no arrests were made and an investigation is presently underway.

The raids occurred one day after City Attorney Mike Feuer announced a citywide crackdown on dispensaries now designated as illegal after last year's passage of Proposition D, which banned all but 135 dispensaries – those that registered with the city prior to a 2007 moratorium.

Feuer confirmed the city has shut down approximately 100 dispensaries since it initiated enforcement of the new restrictions and that two attorneys have been hired solely to prosecute those who violate Prop D. Medicinal pot shops can also be shut down if they are operating within a specific distance from schools, public parks and other locales.

However, hundreds of dispensaries that Prop D outlawed remain in operation and new medical pot stores reportedly continue to open weekly around the City of Angels.