While we’re not exactly sure why any self-respecting ex-stoner would want to work for the DEA, the opportunity exists, nonetheless. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s hiring policy allows former cannabis consumers to apply for employment as long as their past pot experience is confined to “limited youthful and experimental use of marijuana.”  

Cannabis is the only illegal substance the DEA tolerates potential staffers to have ever used. Even using otherwise legal drugs – like Adderall – without a prescription disqualifies one from becoming a DEA agent.

This surprising policy from a federal law enforcement agency that officially considers pot just as dangerous as drugs like heroin seems to imply that the agency doesn’t really believe that pot is as dangerous as drugs like heroin. And the DEA is not alone. In 2007 the Washington Post reported that the FBI changed its hiring policy to permit past marijuana use by potential employees. Previously, anyone applying for a job at the FBI would be rejected if they used pot more than 15 times in their life. Under the new policy frequent pot use in the past isn’t a deal breaker, however, applicants must swear they haven’t smoked in the last three years.    

Of course, once an applicant is hired as a soldier in the drug war, the party’s over, as she/he will be regularly tested for all drugs – including pot – throughout their career.