We knew it was too good to last. In a process that has spanned over two and a half years, this month the DEA is scheduled to create a new (Drug Enforcement) Administration Controlled Substances Code Number for "Marihuana Extract.” 

This drug code number will enable the DEA and their registered entities to track cannabis concentrates – such as highly potent BHO – separately from marijuana flowers and plants.  

The concentrate-specific code was also necessary for the DEA to comply with international drug treaties – controlled by the United Nations – as there are distinctions between UN regulations for pot concentrates as opposed to marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinols, both of which the DEA has previously coded. 

The DEA is proposing to create the drug code under 21 CFR 1308.11(d)(36). It will read, "Marihuana Extract meaning extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.” This designation will render all extracts as Schedule I drugs, defined as having no medicinal value, despite the mounting evidence that cannabidiol – CBD – besides being non-psychoactive, have proven to be highly efficacious in treating various afflictions.