If more people do not start smoking weed in Washington, DC there is a chance the city’s medical marijuana commerce could go up in smoke -- and not the good kind either.

Ever since the District of Columbia legalized medical marijuana, dispensaries all over the city have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of customers. Unfortunately, they are still waiting.

Many dispensaries say that instead of earning a living filling pot prescriptions, they are going broke because too many doctors refuse to prescribe pot to their patients because they are fearful of federal prosecution.

In addition to contending with yellow physicians, they say that many HIV and cancer patients are frustrated with the District’s extensive application process and are simply giving up.

Statistics from the Health Regulation and Licensing Administration indicates that since medical marijuana was made legal in the District of Columbia, dispensaries have been serving less than less than one person a day – about half of everyone served so far have been HIV/AIDS patients.

Earlier this week, associates of the medical marijuana community met with DC health committee members in hopes of getting the city to loosen the noose on the meticulous criteria.

The medical marijuana community says they would like the District to educate their physicians and help alleviate some of the misconceptions associated with prescribing marijuana, as well as expand its current list of chronic and terminal illness that can be approved for treatment with legal cannabis.

While many advocates suggest that post-traumatic disorder, digestive ailments and even migraine headaches should be added to the list, others argue that the list should be eliminated completely and marijuana should be prescribed at the discretion of the individual physician.

Some committee members say they are not opposed to expanding the current list of illnesses that qualify for medical marijuana, but they expressed concerned that with thousands of people living in the city with approved illnesses, like HIV, cancer and glaucoma, that a list expansion may not serve as a business remedy for the current perils of area dispensaries.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup; facebook.com/mikeadams73.