Last month marked the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s iconic album, The Dark Side of the Moon. Originally released in March 1973, Dark Side is one of the most critically acclaimed and best selling albums of all time.

To celebrate 40 years of Dark Side, HIGH TIMES is giving away an epic prize package to one lucky Floyd fan.

Enter now to win The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box Set, a six-disc gem that includes the remastered album (from 2011), a live performance of Dark Side (Wembley 1974), a multitude of previously unreleased tracks, and Blu-ray and DVD discs featuring rare concert footage.

The Immersion Box Set also contains a photo book, an exclusive art print, a replica Dark Side tour ticket and backstage pass, and exclusive special collectors’ items.

That’s enough to make any Dark Side fan salivate. But that’s not all. The contest winner will also receive a special edition water bottle and lighter (pictured below). 

Long after its release, The Dark Side of the Moon became renowned for its connection to the film The Wizard of Oz. The band has always denied any intention for the album to synchronize with the movie, however the connection is uncanny – and very, very cool.

That connection got us wondering – if you could pick any album to synch up with any film, what would that combination be?

So, to win the Dark Side giveaway, follow HIGH TIMES Presents Jen’s Music Stash and tweet what album you’d like to synch to what movie. We’ll pick our favorite combination on April 30.

The contest is open to US residents age 18+. Listen to episode 7 of The Stash for more information (beginning at 34:30).