Anunnaki – DNA Genetics


HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains, 2008

Having placed or won in almost every cannabis contest they’ve ever entered, Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics (“D ’n’ A” – get it?) continue to ride high. These SoCal transplants to Holland utilized a California Hash Plant female fertilized by a Cannalope Haze male to create the unique and interesting Anunnaki, a tasty and savory sativa-dominant plant rich with the scent of leather, cedar and even hints of coffee.


Tall and lanky, the Anunnaki won’t be a tremendous yielder, but her subtle tastes and racy “up” high make this a case of quality over quantity. Indoors, growers should do some severe pruning early on to avoid growing too much lumber (i.e., foot-long distances between each node). For best results, crowd the plants together in a “sea of green” (SOG) system. Also worth keeping in mind: The hash from this strain is some of the tastiest I’ve ever sampled. So let Anunnaki go the full distance, and it will soon become clear that all sativa-dominant strains are not created equal. 

Lineage: Cannalope Haze x California Hash Plant
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks
Contact: DNA Genetics,
Photos courtesy of David Garcia