Cold Creek Kush – T.H.Seeds

Although Cold Creek Kush was the winner of second-place indica at the 2010 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, it’s actually a hybrid that is slightly sativa-dominant in its growth habits and the profile of the high. Diesel and Kush lovers will rejoice at the familiar lemony flavor followed by an instantly recognizable potent effect that hits the brain, the body, and everything in between.


Cold Creed Kush was developed by Adam from T.H.Seeds in Colorado and refined through backcrossing into a potent and stable variety. As with most sativa-dominant hybrids, this strain will exhibit some stretch (about a foot and a half or so typically) after flowering is induced but she’s well worth the trouble when finished.


Adam tells me, “The offspring exhibit the classic fuelly, hashy undertones, with a more developed structure and a sophisticated high that lingers longer than the average OG.”


Lineage: [OG Kush x MK-Ultra] x Chem 91

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Contact: TH Seeds,