Dead Head OG – The Cali Connection

Kush strains of varying degrees of pedigree are flooding the market these days but few have the long-lasting power of real deal OG. One version that certainly doesn’t fall into the watered-down category is the Dead Head OG from The Cali Connection. Breeder Swerve sprinkled his male San Fernando Valley OG Kush pollen onto a female Chemdog ’91 cut to produce seeds of the finest order.

Crack open a greasy nugget of Dead Head OG and an intense lemon and fuel odor emanates throughout the room. Fire it up and marvel at the accompanying buzz, felt in the head and body for several hours both introspective and giggly. The yields are quite reasonable for the relatively short flowering time.

Lineage: Chemdog 91 (aka the Skunk VA cut) x SFV OGK F4

Flowering time: 56 days