Among the marvels of the HIGH TIMES Seattle Cannabis Cup, all sorts of pot-tastic pets were found accompanying their owners to demonstrate the Emerald City's cannabis pride.

In addition to HT's guest blogger Bigfoot, several other mascots were enjoying the afternoon in Fremont. Animal attendees included an implacable iguana, a sleepy service dog, a blithe bulldog (in a pot-leaf lei!), a tuckered-out pup, and many other canna-canines.

The four-legged friends were a welcome addition to the event. We especially salute service dogs who work with medical cannabis patients!

Here's a 420 pooch and his friend:

Here is a man and his wee dog:

Here is the EHC mascot and person:

Here is a Kush-loving iguana:

Kush the very tired dog:

Here is Sensi and friends: