Stoners are likely to ignore a leaflet being handed to them, but most will gladly accept a free bag of salty snacks. This weekend at Seattle Hempfest, the largest pro-pot rally in the world, police are hoping to capitalize on the munchies to educate marijuana lovers about Washington State’s new legalization law by handing out bags of chips with informational stickers attached. The stickers will direct festival attendees to the Seattle Police Department’s FAQ about I-502, the legalization initiative passed by Washington voters last year.

The Seattle Police Department’s I-502 FAQ webpage, titled “Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle” covers all the basics about legal pot in the Evergreen State. It reminds citizens that possessing up to an ounce is legal, but that selling or growing pot is not allowed, at least until the state issues licenses later this year.

Police can cite smokers for public consumption, but police department spokesman Sergeant Sean Whitcomb says that in the “spirit of Initiative 502,” the SPD will issue warnings instead of tickets. Talk about progress!

Police say they plan to give out about 1,000 bags of Doritos over the weekend, so if you’re at Seattle Hempfest and you’re craving a snack, just look for a cop!