Earlier this week, Wal-Mart unknowingly opened its first ever Lawn & Ganja department at a Denver, North Carolina store. Unfortunately, the two fools running the reefer racket did not consider the possibility that openly selling weed to soccer moms and saggy socialites would lead to being tossed face down onto the pavement by narcotics officers.

According to reports, on Monday undercover cops witnessed two parking lot gangapreneurs trying to earn a somewhat dishonest living by peddling hydroponic marijuana to Wal-Mart customers as they entered and exited the store. Officers say that while conducting surveillance in the area, they observed both Desmond Rashawn Gray and Moises Garay exchanging pot for cash.

As the two Wal-Mart weed slingers decided to close up their parking lot pot shop for the day, Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies were waiting to engage in hot pursuit like only backwoods, banjo law enforcement know how. A police report indicates that officers pulled the men over several miles up the road.

When approaching the vehicle, officers said they could smell the strong odor of marijuana from the windows. This, of course, does not surprise us because everyone knows it is customary to burn one after work to celebrate a job well done. However, someone forgot to inform the cops about this chiefer’s tradition and soon the vehicle was being ripped to shreds in a search -- uncovering a quarter-pound of weed and about $1,150 in cash.

Sadly, the evening did not end well for the two men. Both were slapped with several felony offenses.