“No sooner had the United States recognized the failure of alcohol prohibition by repealing the 18th Amendment, then the United States embarked upon on another failed experiment in prohibition -- marijuana,” said Congressman Earl Blumenauer in a speech to Congress earlier this week, calling for the federal government to lift its ban on marijuana.

While not convinced lawmakers have the balls to put an end to 75 years of hypocrisy based on “emotion and flawed science,” labeling marijuana as dangerous of a substance as heroin, Blumenauer says that the medical marijuana community has already proven them wrong.

“Every day a million authorized users of medical marijuana reject that notion by using it by doctor’s prescription to relieve symptoms like intense nausea due to chemotherapy, relief for veterans with PTSD, from chronic back pain and neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis.”

Blumenauer says the issue has now become the progressive views of the American people versus the old-time ways of Uncle Sam.

“Our federal laws are frozen in time, but the American public has moved on,” he said. “Majorities now say it should be legal, and even more say the federal government should not interfere with whatever state laws are in place.”

Blumenauer says the end of federal prohibition will happen in the very near future, but hopes Congress will openly approve the use of medical marijuana and industrial hemp for all states before then.

“Sometime in this decade, we will tax and regulate marijuana. Until we end the unfair discriminatory and costly federal prohibition, we should at least end the most foolish and counterproductive policies.”

There is a bill aimed at ending marijuana prohibition on a federal level currently sitting idle in the committee. The “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act” or “House Resolution 499” would eliminate marijuana as a controlled substance and allow it to be governed by federal agencies in the same manner in which is done for alcohol and tobacco.

To find out more about this bill: https://www.facebook.com/HR499

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