Hunter Stewart of the Huffington Post recently spent a day delivering weed in New York City with Abe" and "Brian," the founders of a Brooklyn-based marijuana delivery service called Secret Fleet. The piece is an insightful and illuminating look at underground entrepreneurs working the black market. Yet, in a few years time, these will be the cannabusiness entrepreneurs who will be leading the industry and making the big bucks. So get a good look at the system from the ground level now before it begins to blow up.

I Spent A Day Delivering Weed in New York City

Two drug dealers are sitting in my living room, drinking a pot of French-pressed coffee I brewed for our interview. With long hair, beards and matching black nail polish, the two could almost be members of a grunge band, except they’re exceedingly well-mannered.

“Even though what we do is illegal, we’re both morally sound people,” Abe says, rearranging his position on my grandmother’s old couch. “We try to do right by people. That’s what I always tell my mom, anyway...” READ MORE