How much should legal pot be taxed? That’s the question Colorado lawmakers are currently debating. While House Democrats see a 25% tax as both beneficial and attainable, Republicans argue that raising the price of legal weed could recreate the marijuana black market that Amendment 64 was intended to end.

Colorado’s legalization law allows for both pot sales and individual cultivation. And some lawmakers fear that heavily taxed marijuana will lead to a proliferation of homegrown pot as a means to avoid high retail prices.  

Additionally, Colorado voters must approve any new taxes, which means that, should the legislature reach a consensus on the matter, the populace could reject it.

The taxation bill is just one of three marijuana-related measures currently making the rounds through the state House and Senate. Legislators are also considering a regulation bill that tackles packaging, purchasing limits, and DUI standards, as well as a measure that would make it a crime to provide pot to people under the age of 21.

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