A Colorado court recently convicted a physician of prescribing marijuana without first conducting the necessary exam procedures required by law.

Earlier this week, Dr. Joseph Montante was found guilty of prescribing medical marijuana without first determining if the patient suffered from a debilitating condition.

Dr. Montante is the first Colorado doctor to be convicted of this crime and there is evidence that suggests his prosecution started with a weed witch hunt.

According to reports, the arrest came after an undercover officer decided to pay a visit to Dr. Montante’s office. It was there he explained to the doctor that he was in pain due to an injury he sustained from playing sports back in high school, and he was hoping he could get a prescription for medical marijuana.

Following a brief exam, Montante consented to the undercover officer’s need for treatment and prescribed him marijuana.

Even though audio recordings of the exam clearly indicate that Dr. Montante questioned the undercover officer about his medical history and his level of pain, charges were filed against him because prosecutors claimed that a sufficient doctor-patient relationship had not been established at the time he wrote the prescription.

Montante’s attorney argued that his client was the victim of entrapment because the undercover officer sought out medical care under false pretenses.

Dr. Montante was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in prison, as well as three years probation for attempting to influence a public servant. His medical license was also revoked.

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