Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) recently hosted a meeting of The Mandatory Testing and Random Sampling Working Group to ruminate on potential testing standards for various attributes of cannabis – including potency. Potency requirements for both strains rich in psychoactive THC and healing cannabidiol – CBD – will eventually be established.

The working group, consisting of elected officials, activists, educators and cannabis business operators, was one of four formed by the State Licensing Agency to address various issues concerning the regulation of medical and recreational pot in Colorado.

Genifer Murray of testing facility CannaLabs, Inc, told Food Safety News: "Testing and labeling potency, whether for THC or CBDs, especially in edibles, is important because patients could either overmedicate or pay for a product that will not be effective."

MED spokeswoman Julie Postlethwait commented: "Ultimately, how Colorado regulates the testing and labeling of marijuana potency largely depends on the working group discussions."

MED and the various working groups will continue to hammer out the cannabis requirements, and in January the Colorado General Assembly will meet to possibly request even more regulations or increased specificity regarding the existing regs.

Postlethwait noted the future of potency testing/labeling will be contingent on the MED's enforcement of the standards once established: "No matter what regulations are put into place … we have to be able to enforce them."