Earlier this month, HIGH TIMES reported that “amnesty boxes” were being placed throughout the Colorado Springs Airport to give stoners a last chance opportunity to ditch their weed before boarding their flight. 

While the idea was good in theory, it appears as if most travelers have decided they would rather risk the throes of prosecution than toss out any of their pot because these marijuana disposal boxes remain empty.

However, airport officials say the bright green boxes are not attracting attention because they were not properly labeled when they were set out early this month. Now, the boxes have since been plastered with signage that spells out exactly what is supposed to go in them -- marijuana -- and the potential legal risks involved with trying to pass through airport security with a pocketful of weed.

Although marijuana is legal in Colorado, possession of any amount of the leaf is strictly prohibited on all flights. Officials with the Transportation Security Administration say they have been advised to report any marijuana found during security screenings to the local law enforcement.

Colorado Springs Police say they hope the amnesty boxes are not being used because travelers have been cautious enough to simply leave their marijuana at home or in their vehicle.

The Colorado Springs city council says they are currently trying to determine the severity of the punishment for individuals neglecting to use the amnesty boxes and later caught holding marijuana by airport security. "We had talked about having jail time and a drug charge against someone as a possibility," said city council member Jan Martin.

However, Martin says the council decided that any charges associated with bringing marijuana into the airport should not be severe enough to label the individual a criminal. "We wanted to be sure [that] whatever penalties were assessed, it did not include a drug charge that would go on someone's record or any jail time," she said.

Airport officials say they have no plans to remove the amnesty boxes. 

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