Coke fiends are more susceptible to the perils of HIV, according to findings in a recent study, while marijuana could provide those suffering from the debilitating disease with a dose of therapeutic salvation.

Researchers at the University of California say they have found strong evidence that suggests that certain elements of the immune system are weakened immediately following cocaine use, making a person more vulnerable to HIV infection.

"Our studies focused on a unique population of immune cells (cells that constitute our body’s defenses against infection), quiescent CD4 T cells, which can be targeted by HIV, but are resistant to the virus," said lead researcher Dr. Dimitrios Vatakis, co-director of UCLA’s CFAR Virology Core Laboratory. "We have shown that cocaine exposure sensitizes these cells and increases their susceptibility to infection."

During the study, researchers not only discovered that healthy cells were more prone to HIV after being dosed with cocaine, but that variations of the drug, specifically, crack cocaine, had even more devastating effects, producing a higher probability for shifting into full-blown AIDS.

However, researchers from Columbia University have substantial data that could serve as hope for those individuals suffering from HIV. Their findings suggest that marijuana may be an excellent addition to a patient’s treatment plan because it can assist in restoring appetite, reducing nausea and fighting against neuropathy better than some commercial medications.

We suggest all people to say no to coke and yes to smoke.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;