Isis’ has, and will always be, a stoner favorite, even for the non-metal-loving pothead. Panopticon features what this band is best known for: melodic, heavily distorted rhythms and little to no lyrics. Perfect for getting high or getting it on. While high, of course.

I find this new seven-song release to be highly sexual—much more so than Oceanic, Isis’ melodic debut. Each track on Panopticon is a psychedelic story. A few songs almost hit the 10-minute mark so it’s easy to get carried away and lose yourself in the repetitive, resonant guitar licks like on “In Fiction” and “Altered Course.” The whole disc flows together like one big stoner, sex-session.

But, if you aren’t having sex (poor soul) and are listening to Isis in the car, with friends or simply by yourself, it’s a raucous and spiritual album that will make you see stars while nodding your head.
I went to see Isis play at Chicago’s infamous Metro—an ideal venue for this type of rock. The best thing about Isis’ fans are even though you look around and can spot the meanest looking, head shaven, tattoo laden gang of misfits ever, they’re all at the show to rock out purely in melodic style. There’s no moshing ’cause the music just isn’t conducive to actual wilin’ out. So don’t let the crowd at the ticket line scare you off. If you want to zone out our tune in to some of the best psychotropic music out there, Isis is definitely perfect for some mind-altering.

The show was perfect. The crowd was flooded with the ultimate stoner-satisfaction noticeable only amidst the puffs of pot and power chords. I was completely sore the next day, not so much head banging as it was agreeing to every single note, rhythm and lyric…violently. Though there was nothing “violent” about the music. It literally bursts out of the band like a prolonged orgasm (back to the sex metaphor). If you have never heard Isis and are a rock fan, pick up Panopticon, roll a joint or three and sit back and enjoy the ride.