Sick pets have a new remedy in the form of CBD-rich dog treats, created by Julianna Carella, founder of Auntie Dolores. Her new company, Treat-ibles, uses cannabis oil derived from AC/DC plants to infuse one milligram of CBD into each treat. Using lab testing, Carella is able to determine that the ratio of CBD to THC in her canine cannabis oil is a remarkable 20 to one. “We don’t want to produce a THC dog treat yet,” Carella says, “I understand there are health benefits, but it’s a sensitive issue.”

While the medical benefits of giving CBD to dogs are unknown, it’s reasonable to assume that the anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting powers of the cannabinoids can aid pets, especially those whose cash-strapped owners can’t afford costly pharmaceutical or surgical treatments. And as Carella also points out, CBD can prove useful as an antidote to THC. “You’re seeing more of these cases where pets get into edibles,” Julianna explains, “CBD can help them by counteracting the psychoactivity.”

Both of my dachshunds suffer from degenerative disc disease, for which they are prescribed Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory medication that can cause liver damage, and Tramadol, a painkiller whose side effects include urinary retention, dizziness, vomiting and constipation. For pets with chronic conditions, herbal alternatives offer relief without the harmful side effects. Since these tiny hounds have been ingesting small amounts of CBD-infused oil sprinkled into their food, their mood and mobility have improved without causing any noticeable intoxication.     

Julianna recommends one mg of CBD per 10 pounds of the dog’s weight, and the treats can be given every few hours as needed. A dog’s digestive system works much faster than a human’s, so keep in mind that the medicine will be absorbed quickly. If you have a progressive veterinarian, advise them of your treatment plan so the dog can be monitored appropriately.

Treat-ibles is seeking cancer-stricken dogs for a compassion program that will monitor the results of CBD on the pet’s diagnosis. “We’ve seen some incredible results with arthritic dogs, as well as those who suffer anxiety from fireworks,” Carella says, “One dog with a chronic limp was able to walk normally.” Currently, customers can call to request the treats or find them at a few San Francisco-area dispensaries.

Treat-ibles will be launched this weekend at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Santa Rosa, so check out their booth and pick up some CBD-rich treats for your best friend!