Outside the brass tacks of the legalized marijuana trade there exists a vital underground of new entrepreneurial spirit that will one day change the face of the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, for many small pot-related businesses, establishing a foothold in this newfound marketplace can be a painstaking affair, often due to the limited financial resources required to provide them with independent operations.

In Denver, a couple of forward-thinking businessmen believe they have a solution to this conundrum: a shared work environment called Green Labs Denver. This week, Dave Pike and his partner Michael Looney will launch the first-ever small business incubator in the United States catering to professionals forging their way through the front lines of marijuana commerce.

The establishment, which is located in the River North Art District, is essentially a shared office space for non-traditional pot startups to use to conduct business without having to endure some of the high costs associated with launching a new company. However, rather than house growers, sellers or retailers, Green Labs will provide services for the behind-the-scenes business model, like financial services and digital marketing consultants.

Pike says the cannabusiness incubator consists of about four dozen desks and two private offices, which he believes has the potential to house up to 35 startups. Clients have their option of using Green Labs for needs ranging from a virtual office to a private workspace, complete with conference room access and space for company events.

Looney says that although Green Labs is for marijuana industry professionals, proprietors will not be permitted to get stoned inside the building -- at least not through conventional means. “We’ll probably allow vaping,” he said. “It’s not as intrusive as smoking, and it’s not something people would be doing constantly throughout a day.”

“Maybe we’ll have a smoking room,” he added.

To learn more: Green Labs Denver

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